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Amazing Wood Engineering that has changed the Construction Scene

Au-Mex Ltd. is involved with the production and supply of high-quality wooden products that are used in building construction, flooring and even interior design.  The company prides itself on offering products that are leading in the industry in terms of quality, durability, special designs and aesthetic appeal.

Wooden decking

Some of the company specialty products include wooden decking, wooden facades, special wooden flooring, supply of plywood and customized wooden products. The company has its head offices in the Prague, Czech Republic with several strategic production centres in the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Russia. These are close to wood sources and are important in ensuring the constant supply of raw material.

The company strategy is to develop a highly efficient and seamless wood products supply chain that delivers quality and affordability to our clients.  This can only be achieved by taking charge of the production process, efficient logistics, and sound management practices.

We have a purpose to be at the forefront in the wooden products industry, through excellent customer service, quality products and services, customer relations and efficiency in our operations.

The company’s vision is to be the global leader in the wooden products industry, becoming the household name when it comes to these products and changes people’s lives through our work. In line with this, our mission is to expand from the regional to the international market scene and create impact through our excellent products, enhanced business ethics and a professional business culture.

interior wooden flooring

We have been in the business for over 18 years now with firm and established markets in central Europe.  Some of our products include;

Wooden Decking
Wooden decking is among our specialty products. The wooden deck is a house extension constructed as an outdoor room and mostly in elevated floors. We have special wood for the deck construction, wooden terraces, and exotic products for floor construction.  The wood is sourced from overseas countries such as south America, Malaysian cedar, China, Canada and Indonesia. With the high quality of raw materials, and efficient supply chain process, we are able to deliver affordable and durable wooden decking with minimal maintenance and a great look for your compound or office premises.

European Wood

Wooden Facades
The company has developed technology for production of wooden façade materials. We understand that to achieve a high quality and durable wooden facade, there has to be proper selection of tree species, proper treatment of the wood and very professional implementation of the design. We provide the best wood material that will enable proper integration to guarantee the durability of the façade. Our REAL FAÇADE brand is currently the best in the European market, enhanced by our excellent customer service and professional support.

wooden facades

Wooden Engineered Flooring
This is a floor usually made up of three layers of very strong wood. Wooden engineered flooring for interior and exterior is made with the first layer comprising of oak or walnut, plywood on a second layer and hardwood veneer as the third layer. With our expertise, gained from over two decades of operation, Au-Mex is the best company to make wooden engineered flooring. The company has also engaged in partnerships with other timber processors for the supply of high-quality timber.

wooden engineered flooring